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Maps of Northern New Jersey
Historic and Other Maps of Northern New Jersey

Maps of Northern New Jersey tell a story of settlers taming a new land and the rise of technology to make a great nation.

Historic Maps

1777 Map Engraving

1777 Map - Dey Mansion Area Detail

1780 Map of Northern New Jersey (Detail)

1839 Map of Northern New Jersey (Detail)

Proposed Paterson and Dover Rail Road Map 1847 (Profile Detail)

Recreation Maps

NEW!!! Three Rivers Kayak/Canoe Trail Map and Guide

Eagle Rock Reservation Orienteering Map

Garret Mountain Reservation Map

Pequannock River Hiking Trails

Pyramid Mountain Hiking Trail Map

Silas Condict Park Map

Patriots Path Trail Map

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Trail Map


Please Note: These maps are provided for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made as to accuracy or completeness of the maps.


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In the early European settlement of North America, maps were important in assigning government responsibility and the distribution of land for farms and mineral mining. Early maps of Northern New Jersey show sparse homesteads of the early European colonists spreading from the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam (New York City) into the wild, untamed forests of Northern New Jersey. Dutch farmers established large farms and German craftsmen started iron foundries to form the foundations of a new civilization in America. New roads were built to accommodate this expansion of agriculture and industry.

During the American War for Independence, maps were used for strategic planning by both the British Army and the rebels' Continental Army . New Jersey was an important area during the Revolutionary War because of its central location between New York City and Philadelphia and its production of war materials.

Later maps envision the start of a transportation network that helped the United States gain its economic strength. The new industrial center in Paterson, New Jersey built the railroad locomotives that moved freight and people throughout the new country. Railroad track was laid early in the nineteenth century to move raw material and produce from the farms and iron mines in northwestern New Jersey to the population centers of the New York City area.

The map of Northern New Jersey today illustrates a region of farms and forests, suburban homes and corporate office parks. It is the perfect example of the vision of the United States' founding fathers; a peaceful and prosperous land.

Maps of Northern New Jersey

Route 23 in Northern New Jersey Area - Map showing the relative location of Route 23 through northwestern New Jersey

Ecoregions of New Jersey - USEPA ecoregions overlapping New Jersey from surrounding states

Parks and Wildlife Refuges in Northern New Jersey - Map showing Parks and Wildlife Refuges in Northern New Jersey

iMapNJ - An environmental mapping tool that can provide you with information about your neighborhood, county, or state (NJ). With this unique application, homeowners can find out what’s in their backyard; and environmental organizations, planners, and builders can identify open space, various regulatory boundaries, sensitive lands, watersheds, and much, much more.


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